Halo Glow Peeling System

Sea Salt and Positive Pressure Microdermabrasian with Oxygen Infusion

Sea salt microdermabrasion respects skin's integrity and provides a simple approach to healthy, glowing skin. This treatment regenerates your skin's tissues in a non-invasive gentle manner. The first phase of the treatment employs sea salt to deeply exfoliate layers of dead skin cells. The sea salt is extremely healing to your tissues as well as remineralizing and alkalizing. The second phase uses diamond free tips of varying intensities to polish and refine the skin. The last phase of treatment utilizes a blend of curated serums and pure oxygen to deeply infuse hydration and nutrients into the tissue, resulting in a beautiful glow and plumpness that lasts for days. This is also a superior treatment for rosacea, blemished, and/or acneic skin. The sea salt and oxygen kill bacteria and create an alkalized state to assist the skin in healing quickly.


  • Powerful Anti-Oxidant
  • Balances the pH of the skin
  • Anti Bacterial and a strong tool to battle acne
  • Detoxing to the cells
  • Hydrating tot he cells and helps them hold moisture
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • No artificial allergens
  • Great to reduce men's shaving time and irritation
  • Leaving a light film of the mineral salts on the skin adds overall benefits to the skin treatment


  • Halo treatment (30 minutes) 125
  • Halo facial (60-70 minutes) 150
  • Chemical peel add-on 50